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Welcome to TRS! Your reference site for Enterprise Architecture and the "home" of System Architect (SA)

Company Profile

Many of you in the Enterprise Architecture /SA world will doubtless recognize the man behind TRS :-

Yes, it's Roger James! The man who brought Enterprise Architecture to Western Europe way back in 1999,
when most people thought that the Zachman Framework was a kind of Zimmer Frame!

Roger sold his SA distribution & support business to Popkin, the makers of SA, back in 2002. He then lead Popkin's Benelux/Italy/Scandinavia business for 3 years but then left after the Telelogic takeover.

Since then he has been sharpening up his architecture skills at a number of leading companies in the energy, telecom and financial worlds.

This would seem to have been to clients' satisfaction, as can be gauged from the following quotes from references and recommendations :-

"Roger was very effective", "I have no hesitation in recommending Roger", "He could easily communicate his considerable knowledge", "I would certainly employ him again".

And now, he's ready to help you!

(For further details on Roger's experience, see his LinkedIn profile)

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J F Evertslaan 1, 1406 KN Bussum, The Netherlands


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